The contents of this note are CLASSIFIED to Harman Employees as per s.(3) of your Corporate Non-Disclosure Agreement

Welcome and Congratulations!

By joining Harman Strategic Solutions you are helping preserve the tradition of over 100 years of the best security and private military services in the known universe.

At Harman we strive to only choose the best candidates, and you have been selected out of all your peers interviewed for the position of Mercenary. At Harman, we take our personnel selection very seriously. It’s why we’re the top rated PMC in Earth-Controlled space for 20 years as decided by the editors of Soldier of Fortune Magazine. And you, yes, you made the cut. I couldn’t be more proud.

Before your first briefing and subsequent deployment, please be reminded of the terms of your contract. Obey your superiors, and do not endanger corporate property or personnel. Remember you’re no longer fighting for just yourself out there!

Be Safe and good hunting

Maxwell Harman IV
President and CEO
Harman Strategic Solutions
Auckland, Oceania R., Sol 3

Harman… not exactly the most desirable of jobs but here you are. Shilling out bullets for The Man. Whatever your reasons, it’s a decent paycheck and they’ll take just about anyone who doesn’t ask too many questions.

Discreet Deliveries
Assassinations Performed
Uprisings Quelled
Coups Instigated
Bodies Guarded
Political Scandal Under-rug-swept
Since 2491

Omnia Mutantur

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