Character Creation

As usual for WoD, but for a few changes. Instead of a supernatural template, you will apply racial bonuses and Merits found on their race page. You will also apply a Harman Base Training package, and a homeworld bonus.

Congratulations! You have completed Harman Basic Training! You are now proficient in the following:

Add One dot to Investigation, Drive, and Firearm

Homeworld Perks

Wherever your character grew up, they get a dot in the following
Agricultural: Animal Ken *
Asteroid: Intimidation *
Desert: Survival *
Garden: Animal Ken *
High Technology: Computer *
High Population: Streetwise*
Ice-Capped: Medicine*
Industrial: Persuasion*
Low Technology: Survival*
Poor: Larceny*
Rich: Socialize*
Water World: Drive*
Space Station: Empathy*

Character Creation

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